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Three Kings by: Nikki Jefford

****Review post for Three Kings by: Nikki Jefford****

Rating: Five out of Five Bookworms! 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛( yes those are caterpillars, but there is no worm emoji and caterpillars are cuter anyways!)

Oh man, I am so sad this series is over 😭😭😭

I love the characters so much! Mel is just crazy funny with her spitfire attitude 🔥🔥🔥 and I love Aerith's take crap from no one personality.

This book definitely gives you all the feels. You're going to laugh, cry, and then laugh some more!

Though seriously, I wanted to punch Albedo and Malon so hard throughout the book. They are such pitberries! 🤬🤬🤬

...But it's okay because they get what's coming to 'em. 😉

***Possible Spoilers Beware***

Honestly, I did not see that ending coming! It works perfectly though. (You'll understand when you read it) I'm a sucker for happy endings, and this certainly fits the bill.

I really did love that twist. I really liked both of those characters and they all just mesh so well. Go you, Mel!

Ahhh it was just perfect. You gotta read this series! It's so good! The characters and their personalities are great and it's hard not to get attached to them.

Nikki weaves a magical tale and the story pulls you in from the first page. Go check it out!!!

------Synopsis: The jaw-dropping, eye-popping, heart-stopping conclusion to the Royal Conquest Saga is here!

Life will never be the same for Melarue Heiris.

Two Fae princes vie for her affection, and her sister doesn't like it one bit. But this isn't Aerith's story. Sure, Mel might have gotten herself into a pickle, but she's got everything under control … kinda. Not.

Next thing she knows, she's being threatened with marriage, gowns, and worst of all—a crown. Ahem, Mel likes pointy things at the end of a hilt in her hand, NOT on her head!

Meanwhile, very pregnant and put out by her ongoing role at Dahlquist castle, Aerith is prepared to do whatever it takes to save her sister and leave Faerie for good. Liri has other ideas. Too bad the Fae-hole abandoned his kingdom. Aerith is in charge now, and if Liri doesn't return soon, she'll crown a new king.

The final battle between the two Elmray families is about to begin. It's a good thing Dahlquist has elves on its side. Will the cost of winning be too great?-----

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