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Run by: B.L. Brunnemer

⭐️⭐️Review Post for Run by B.L. Brunnemer⭐️⭐️

Synopsis: ****With Evelyn unconscious, it’s up to the rest of the team to keep Chicago from breaking out into chaos. Witches, wolves, and vampires are at each other’s throats. Demons are slipping through the barrier and the dead are piling up. It’s up to Astrid and Ranulf to keep Chicago from erupting into war. With Evelyn getting weaker by the hour, Falk and Rina race against time and magic to find the only way to save her. But the storm that got away from Evelyn has gotten larger, spreading across the united states grounding every flight. Will they make it in time to save her? ****

So first of all, five stars definitely for this one! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This book was amazing! B.L. Brunnemer really knows how to write a riveting book that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

This book is just one thing after another, there really is no downtime. It's just BANG BANG BANG! Which I love, it makes it impossible to get bored, and also makes it that much more difficult to put the book down when you need to, I don't know, maybe sleep? Who needs sleep anyways?!

💥💥💥This part may be spoilery, so proceed with caution💥💥💥

I love how the characters come together in this book. At first I was unsure about how I felt about how everyone conveniently matched up, but really it's what makes this book so good. They all balance each other out which I absolutely love. It's all very yin and yang ❤️

AND THAT ENDING. HOLY SMOKES GUYS. I cannot wait for the next one!!!

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