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Curse Breaker by: Audrey Grey

Rating: 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛 (Five out of five bookworms)

Favorite Character: Haven

Emotions while reading: Shocked, excited, sad, angry

Favorite Lines: "Everything in this life worth doing takes time." "Stop apologizing for the fire inside you. Instead, burn and burn like the sun until you set the world ablaze."

Holy lord. This book was INTENSE.

I mean we knew things were going to go down in this book as they got closer to trying to save Bell and ending the curse but Audrey throws some twists in here that you will not be expecting! 🔥🔥🔥 (and things definitely heat up a bit 😉)

I really enjoy the characters and watching their relationships grow, shift and change. You really learn some deep things about some of them in this book, and you just can't help but feel for what they've been through. It just makes them seem so much more authentic, and more real. That they have faults and emotions, nobody is perfect, and I love reading about characters who follow their heart and fiercely protect the ones they love.

Not to mention, the way Audrey writes, you feel like you are there, living, breathing, fighting with these amazing characters in this world that she has built. You can see the world unfolding as you read.

This book had it all: love, laughter, heartbreak, betrayal. But I promise you will not regret following Haven on her journey!

And that ending! OMG. I cannot wait for the next one!!!


All magic has a price.

Haven survived the Devourers, but she isn't any closer to breaking the curse. Meanwhile, her forbidden magic rages brighter and more dangerous every day.

To control her powers and stand a chance against the Shade Queen, Haven made a bargain with two enemy immortals. Now her waking hours are spent fighting alongside the Sun Lord, but her dreams belong to the Shade Lord.

Only the closer she ventures into the wicked Shadow Kingdom the more her magic shows itself--and the more she struggles with whom to trust. The golden but wounded Sun Lord or the darkly charismatic Shade Lord.

Both are off-limits.

And both have the ability to save her . . . or destroy her.

With the Shade Queen closing in and Bell's time nearly up, Haven will sacrifice everything to break the curse--but will it be enough to stop the mortal realm from falling into darkness forever?

Welcome to the Kingdom of Runes where immortals and humans clash, light and dark magic reign, and mythical creatures lurk in the shadows. If you like fierce heroines, enemies-to-lovers romance, wild plot twists, and endearing characters that stay with you long after you reach the end, you need to discover the book readers are calling dark fantasy at its best! ***

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