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Pestilence by: Laura Thalassa

****Review post for Pestilence by: Laura Thalassa****

💥🔥 I do want to put a warning here: This book is filled with curse words, end of the world-people dying, torture. So if those are not something you can read about, I suggest passing on this book, BUT if you can live with those things, this book is amazing!🔥💥

I wasn't sure what to expect for this book except for it to have the world ending. But there was a lot more to it and a much deeper meaning buried inside.

This book takes a deep dark look into humanity, what our darkest moments are, the hate and evil that can live inside of people, but it also shows our lightest moments, the way people can come together, the way people love. 🌑☀️

There are some pretty big character arc's in this book and I found the whole concept intriguing. I devoured this book, I started it late last night and finished it this afternoon, I could not stop reading it. Bravo, Laura, Bravo! ❤️

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