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Dream Wars: Obliteration by: Leia Stone Review

****Review for Dream Wars: Obliteration by: Leia Stone Author**** First off I want to say, this book was amazing. It is always so satisfying (yet sad) when a wonderful series comes to an end. Especially when it ends so well. I am a sucker for happy endings, I always want the characters to get everything they want and more. More so in a story like this, where life is so hard and they fight so much just to survive. The things they endure are unimaginable and honestly, if I was living in this world, I would of died like right way. No joke.

Kit is one of my all-time favorite characters. I love a headstrong woman who can handle herself in any situation, but has a heart of gold. She truly is a pillar of strength in these books and really is what holds everyone together. She brings it big time in this intense finale!

I love the whole group dynamic, everyone fits perfectly together and they just compliment each other so well. All the characters change and develop through the series. No one stays stagnate. And seriously, I wish the Galadrias were real. They are precious and amazing! 🐉

While I am so sad this story has come to an end, I am so happy it was written. Thank you, Leia, for giving us closure and ending it so wonderfully.

If you like aliens, bad-ass sassy heroines, and more aliens, this book is for you! It is now a complete series, so you don’t have to wait!

Definitely five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️for this book! I loved it and read it in like four hours...I had to know how it ended!

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