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Deadly Declaration by: Heather Renee

Review for Deadly Declaration by: Heather Renee

Let me tell you all something about Heather:✨✨ she writes amazing books✨✨ And they just get better and better! And this book was no different, it was awesome!!!

Raegan is heading back to school after the fall out that occurred at the end of the last school year. Feeling betrayed and heartbroken, it’s the last place she wants to be. Finding out there hasn’t been much done to catch the person responsible, that just pisses her off. A visit from a stranger brings along new insights that may turn the tide. All the while, she is forced to team up with Enzo. Will she forgive him? Or will this pull them further apart?

This book was FIRE🔥🔥🔥 . Let me tell you! The tension is real. It is intense and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I loved coming back into this world. I love Raegan, Gemma and her aunt Jules. Their relationship gives me warm fuzzies. 😊 Everyone needs a Gemma and Jules in their life, for reals.

Raegan’s journey through this book puts her through a lot. She has to deal with her feelings with Enzo and connect with parts of herself she didn’t even know existed. She is pushed to the limit, but she comes out even stronger on the other side. She is truly a bad ass, and I would want her on my side in any fight.

The tension of the back and forth between her and Enzo is awesome. I love his sassy cocky remarks, and the way she doesn’t want to feel for him, but she does. Their love is so strong! *sigh*

They truly are meant to be. I love Enzo in this book, I liked him in the first book, but this book, he is something else. I love how determined he is to make up for his wrongs and how protective he is of Rae. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bad ass chick who can stand on their own, but there is definitely something swoon worthy of that protectiveness from a man so in love.

There is this one part, and I won’t say what part or what happens (as to avoid spoilers) but it is HOT. H-O-T. *fans self* 😉

Also, I love the dialogue in this book. The things that the characters say, are great. Two words for you: Panty Burp? 😂 Curious? Go read it! I literally laughed out loud at this part.

And then Heather does this thing where she like reaches in your chest and takes your happiness and stomps all over it while maniacally laughing…(but we still love her cause then we turn a few pages…and yeah, no spoilers sorry💖💖💖 )

This book throws you some curveballs. Like what the hell just happened, why are you doing this to me Heather?!?!?!?! type curveballs. *commences head exploding*

……But it’s worth it, I promise!

The world building is awesome, and the story line is well written. I cannot wait for the next book (even though it’s the last😭😭😭 ) I know she is going to have an epic finale and hopefully Malina (that evil biznatch) will get what is coming to her!

If you haven’t started this series, do it. Or you will be seriously missing out!!!

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